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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Several months back, it seemed like a great idea….let’s make a DVD to show people how to do what we do so well at our store!  So, we found the producer.  We got him excited.  We invited him into our store.  And we caught it all on tape.  “The Realities of Retail”…due to arrive mid-June.

Why a DVD about the Realities of Retail at It’s My Party?

We make it fun.  Sometimes we think we’re comedians.  Well, as long as our customers keep laughing…it doesn’t matter what we think!

We are creative.  No matter what a customer asks for, we will find ideas.

Our marketing strategies work.

Our retail strategies work.

Our team spirit is truly inspiring and energizing.

We discussed how we actually “BECAME” the entertainment for the Dyer Chamber of Commerce Holiday Celebration!

Producer Steven Jones actually filmed us doing “Out The Door!”

What’s it like to be on tape?  For me, it was grueling.  I don’t do well with scripts.  Structure is good, but I lost my free spirit in the process.  Toward the end of the process, the producer started to understand me a little bit better and he allowed for more creativity and fed me words when I struggled.  He also created some really fun scenes….one where I screamed, one where I hugged Alissa, and one where I talked about marrying my husband in the store.

I didn’t like the takes and retakes. The late nights were also a little bit hard to handle.  We would start the taping when the store closed, and finish it around 2am.  But, I did my best because over the past six months, I have had dozens of requests for a DVD.  This was my service to those fans.

Alissa….she was amazing.  Cool and calm under pressure.  Articulate and funny.  There was a scene where we talked about the jingles that we sing, and we nailed it.  Our chemistry is an exciting thing.  I think viewers of the DVD will enjoy seeing the interactions and seeing how easy it is to work with another person’s personality to have fun within the framework of a store.

I’m getting messages from people all over the world who are excited about the release of the DVD.  We’re average people with a passion….a passion for building a business and a passion for helping others build their businesses.  Our weekly “Out The Door” is watched by balloon artists, retail store owners and average individuals with a dream.  And we’re here to say:  “Keep dreaming your dream.  If WE can do it, anyone can!”  Our DVD will give viewers a power packed 90 minutes which cover staffing, inventory, marketing, basic balloon recipes, and more.  I feel it’s an excellent value and I really with that we had a DVD like this when we first opened!!  It would have saved us hundreds of dollars in mistakes and hundreds of dollars in basic balloon classes.



Here’s Alissa and I taking down the balloon wall and getting ready for business on Saturday.  After three very long hard days and nights of filming, it was time for Steve to go “Out The Door!”