Our store is exciting because it is filled with splashes of color, movement and creativity from wall to wall.  Balloons.  Customers love coming into our store because they love the atmosphere.

Working with other businesses to create excitement in their store is very rewarding.  Their eyes light up when we give them ideas.  We can see the wheels in their head start to spin as they imagine the transformation that balloons create.

Our latest project was for a jewelry store.  The store was located in a mall and it was Labor Day Weekend….which means SALES!  We created 11 centerpieces which were scattered throughout the store.  Once we delivered all the balloons, every sales associate wanted to know where the balloons came from….and we proudly talked about our store.

Balloon Decor in a Jewelry Store


This past week, we also had the opportunity to help a local Dunkin Donuts celebrate their 7th anniversary.

Balloon Decor for 7th Anniversary


There were many components to this job, including topiaries from the ceiling, bouquets on the counter, a tower, a sculpture and the three foot balloons outdoors to attract attention.

Outdoor Decor Attracts attention from the street.


Dunkin Donuts Balloon Decor…Full view

Restaurant Balloon Decor


In this photo, we celebrated a five year anniversary of one of our favorite Mexican Restaurant…La Quasadilla Mexican Grill in St. John.  We also did a coordinating arch in front of the restaurant.  The balloon buddy was a hit because it made the customers smile.  When people are smiling, their experience is generally much better.  Balloons help create more memorable experience….adding value to any type of business celebrating a special event of any kind.

Harley Davidson Balloon Decor

What a fun way to welcome guests!  Uncle Sam is at the front of the store.  Hanging from the ceiling are bursts of red, white and blue 260Q’s.  Celebrate!  Be Happy!  Proud to be an American!  Convey your message with balloons.

We meet with our local businesses at their place to provide them with ideas.  We follow up the meeting with a proposal.  When the client says “GO!”, we get our hands into our bags of latex and put our creative minds to work.

For more information about balloon decor for your home, office, business or celebration….call It’s My Party at 219-322-7777.