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Custom decor.  What does it mean to our customers?

If they can’t find the pattern anywhere else….if they can’t find balloons to match their theme…then they can count on US to create something special just for them.

Here are some pictures of our custom decor.  Each project is an original, just like our customers.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Party Ideas







Tangled Birthday Party Decorations

Tangled Birthday Party Decorations

Astronaut Balloon

An astronaut made out of balloons.



Construction Balloon Party


We are sure to help all of our customers create CUSTOM parties.  It’s just what we do.  What can we do for you?  Visit us at http://www.itsmypartytoo.com for more ideas.  Visit us at http://www.itsmypartyballoons.com for at-home “Do It Yourself Kits.”

Call us with questions any time:  219-322-7777!


Helium.  It’s odorless.  Colorless.  Non-toxic.  It’s the stuff that makes the balloons float. 

A majority of party supply stores, dollar stores and grocery stores in Northwest Indiana are unable to fill customer’s balloons with helium.  Why?  It’s a national helium shortage.  Just google “national helium shortage” if you want to know all the details….why, how, how long, how come, etc. 

But if you’re interested in “What To Do About It” instead of “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?”….stop on by to It’s My Party in Dyer, Indiana to find a huge assortment of balloon decoration that are filled with AIR instead of helium.

Customers planning big events stop in to It’s My Party frantically asking, “Do you have helium?”

Our answer is “YES, we DO have helium….but let us show you some of our air-filled options as well!”



Our popular “Candy Dishes” require no helium.  And you can choose any of our hot new patterns…including Angry Birds Balloons!



Visit one of our “Balloon Classes for Children!” to learn how to do dozens of different projects using “AIR” only!



Our Bitty Baby Buddies are a hit at Baby Showers!  Gift tables, welcome tables….food tables…or anywhere!  These babies are the cutest little balloon arrangements that you have ever seen at a baby shower!



What’s your theme?!  JUST TELL US…and we will create a balloon display to match it.  Our creative and talented balloon artists can do something for any type of party.  All you need to do is TELL US your dream!  These projects are ALL AIR!



Formal Events need balloons too!  No helium?  No problem!  This beautifully glowing arrangement welcomed guests and added to the ambiance of this beautiful wedding.



Our HOT Hula Girl adds a lot of fun to your summer luau party!  She’s the center of attention….the most popular guest on the dance floor…and of course EVERYONE wants to pose with her in pictures!  100% air…100% fun!



For children’s birthday parties….we know you still want balloons!  Add some of our Ty stuffed animals to your arrangements…and you’ll have a happy birthday girl or boy!  All air…and a little stuffing!


Can you imagine a mermaid party without balloons?!  Now you can!  All air…and don’t worry about the fish!  The fish will last for several days in the air!



NEED MORE IDEAS?!  Have a seat and look through our albums where we have hundreds of ideas.  

And don’t worry….if you DO need helium, we’ve got that too.  For now.  BUT….don’t forget….that AIR can create an amazing emotional impact as well!  Make your guests smile….with BALLOONS from It’s My Party!