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Well, it depends.  Is it a MUTT?  Is it a pedigree?  Does it have papers?  What breed is it?

The same holds true with balloon arches.  The price of an arch depends on a variety of factors.   And many questions must be asked before we can help our customer determine a price.  It’s not sneaky salesmanship or some mystical secret….it’s a formula.  And there are many factors for us to consider before we throw out a dollar figure.

When customers call us looking for arch prices, we ask the following questions:

1.  Where is it going?

2.  What is the occasion?

3.  How big does it need to be?

4.  What area are you looking to hi-light?

6.  Is it going indoors or outdoors?

6. What TYPE of arch are you looking to purchase?   Is it a simple balloon arch or a thick balloon arch?

Once we get those questions answered, we proceed.

A string of pearls arch is a simple arch.  It can go behind a table, across a table, behind doors, in front of doors.

Arch For A Communion

Arch For A Communion

A table sized arch is less than $50.00 when we use 11″ latex balloons.

Champagne Bottle Arch

String of Pearl Arch

A string of pearls arch marks an entrance.  Arches like this must be set up on site and they start at $150 and go up depending on how it is built, the length and the type of balloons used.

String of Pearl Arch

String of Pearl Arch

We can dress up a string of pearl arch with accents such as skinny balloons and ribbons.

Star Arch for Stage

Star Arch for Stage

A string of pearls arch can also use foil balloons.

Wedding Heart Arch

Wedding Heart Arch

The string of pearl arch is sturdy enough for indoor use, but we generally do NOT recommend it for outdoor use.  If there is any amount of wind, the arch will blow all over.   String of pearl arches are practical and beautiful for many different indoor occasions.

The second type of arch we recommend is a Link-O-Loon arch.  A Link-O-Loon is a special type of balloon that has a tip and a tail so that they can be connected together easily.

Affordable Arch

Affordable Arch

Our classic Link-O-Loon arch is around $100.00.  It is easy to transport.  It bends and folds….and it does NOT tangle.  Most organizations find money in their budget for this type of arch even when their budget is tight.

Store pictures 022

This arch went across two 8 foot tables.

Arch for Exhibit

Arch for Exhibit

This arch was purchased by a local store that wanted to draw attention to their trade show exhibit.  Again, it doesn’t bust the budget and it surely attracts attention.  It’s worth every penny.

The third type of arch is what we call a packed arch.  A packed arch is a sturdy arch which is typically used for fundraisers, walks and races.  It usually marks a starting point.  A packed arch is also used for grand openings, open houses and special sales for our business customers.

Arch for a grand opening.

Arch for a grand opening.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with a red ribbon on the arch.

Balloon Arch for Lupus Association

Balloon Arch for Lupus Association

Outdoor Balloon Arch in a very windy location.

Outdoor Balloon Arch

Outdoor Balloon Arch

Arch for Cancer Walk

Arch for Cancer Walk

Outdoor Balloon Arch

Outdoor Balloon Arch

We create these packed arches in different styles (Box or rounded) and in any color combination.   They are thick and sturdy.  We use 100% helium for 3/4 of the arch.  Sometimes we build the arch on two bases…..sometimes we use two cement blocks to hold the arch down….it depends on the weather conditions and the length of the arch.

Common Questions:

1.  How much does it cost?  Packed arches start at around $350.00.  Larger arches that go over 2 lanes of traffic are more than double.  We determine the price based on exact measurements once we do a field visit to see the area.

2.  How long does it last?  It depends upon the weather.  If it’s a mild 65 degree day and if we use light colored latex balloons, the arch will last most or all of the day.  If it’s a 100 degree day and sunny, the arch won’t last as long.  We do take precautionary measures such as using light-colored latex and under-inflating 16″ balloons…..however, we cannot guarantee outdoor balloon decor.  If it’s windy or rainy, the arch may tip or become top heavy.  If possible, during the rain we will move the arch under a tent.  Having a plan B is helpful to our customers.

3.  Can I cancel if the weather looks bad?  This is a tough situation because we reserve the time to create the arch JUST FOR OUR CUSTOMER.  We purchase the supplies, book our staff and plan our helium.  As a store, we generally follow this protocol.  50% is a down payment for materials and it in NON-REFUNDABLE.  If the weather looks like it is going to be bad, the customer may RESCHEDULE the balloon arch with no penalty if they notify us within 48 hours.  We generally call our customer to talk about a plan B.   If the customer does not cancel and if the weather is horrible, we will do our best to substitute designs which will hold up better in the conditions.  For example, one year for a breast cancer walk….the wind was 40-50 mph.  Since the walk still went on, we did 5 air-filled columns instead of 1 large arch.

Another thing for customers to know is that your balloon team will need electricity and about 3 hours worth of TIME to complete the job.

Inside the Arch

Inside the Arch

We can go on forever about ARCHES.  We hope we did our best to explain how much an arch will cost.  However, each situation and each event is INDIVIDUAL and there are a lot of factors that need to be considered.  Complimentary consultations are available by calling It’s My Party  219-322-7777.


When a customer came to us and told us her theme was “Celebrate!”…of course we couldn’t wait to celebrate with her!  We created a custom project that was filled with fun effects.

It started with a canopy over the main room.

Balloon Canopy

We added some centerpieces to the tables.

Champagne Centerpiece

To welcome guests, a giant champagne glass stands near the doorway.

Big huge champagne bottle!!

Champagne Bottle Arch

But, no party is complete without a balloon wall.

This massive balloon wall covered the window.

Balloon Wall Covers Entire Window

This event took about 24 hours in labor to complete from start to finish.

Call 219-322-7777 for your next event and let us transform your room!

Celebrate with It’s My Party!

Every now and then a customer comes along and inspires us.

We feel inspired because the customer reminds us how powerful love is….how powerful family is….and how meaningful life is when we have people in our life that we truly care about.

Our customer came to our store to plan her father’s 70th birthday party.  A surprise party.  We discussed several ideas….when suddenly an idea popped into her mind.  A tree.

A tree in her father’s neighborhood had profound meaning.  It was a meaningful tree, a long-lasting tree, and a sentimental place where memories were formed.

I told her that the only trees that I had experience making were palm tree.  Well, we live in Northwest Indiana.  A palm tree was NOT the type of tree that she was seeking.

Then I asked her if she had a few moments so that I could play.  I wrapped a few 160Q’s to make a tree truck, and added three topiaries of 5 inch balloons to make a bountiful tree.  Using a bit of balloon bond, it was easy to attach them together.

Sometimes we hit, sometimes we miss….but we always try to listen to our customers….and in this particular situation, we hit it a home run.

We did on tree for the gift table, and another tree for behind the head table.  For tabletop centerpieces; we used black, agate and silver latex balloons.  We also included a jumbo 70 and a mini 70 number base.

We love what we do….and we love being  a part of our customer’s special events.  We were reminded in this situation how powerful the bond of family is.  Her mother had died 12 years earlier….her dad is her best friend.  She laughed as she explained to us how overprotective she is over her father.  She joked that her father’s friends were probably jealous of her involvement and attachment to him.

What a gift to be a part of life’s most meaningful moments.  It’s never “JUST BALLOONS.”   Not here, not with us.  It’s an expression of love….and the creation of life-long memories.

Balloon Tree


Balloon Bride and Groom

Our bride and groom are the most popular pieces of balloon decor used at bridal showers and weddings.

In addition, balloon arches are very popular and can be created in any color combination.  A balloon arch can go over doors, windows, the bridal party, the cake table, or whatever other area you wish to highlight.

Balloon Arch Over Doors

For corners and entrances and all the other little spaces in between, our designs are made to fit your budget and theme.

Heart Balloon Column in White and Ivory.

Most brides do not choose balloon centerpieces for the guest tables, but they do choose the centerpieces for gift tables, dessert tables and entryway tables where guests pick up their table numbers.

Just Married Latex Inside Elegant Centerpiece

Black and White Wedding Centerpiece

No matter what type of event you are planning, our balloon professionals will help you every step of the way.  219-322-7777.  Consultations are free and we are open 7 days a week.  We prefer to meet at YOUR VENUE to help draw out a plan, but we will also meet with you in our spacious store.  www.itsmypartytoo.com

Grad season.  It’s our favorite time of the year at It’s My Party.  And here are some of our favorite party ideas.

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